Flowers in the fall: from October to Thanksgiving and into December

A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in – what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.
– Victor Hugo, from Les Misérables

It’s almost Christmas, and I have not posted the last of the season’s bouquets. This year, thanks to soil amendment, a drip system, new flowers in the garden, and good care taking, I created bouquets right through autumn and up to Thanksgiving. In truth, although by early November I was only getting a bouquet a week, I could probably eek out a bouquet here and there still.

But all good things come to an end, and the joy of gardening will be the return of spring next year. So in the meantime, here are the final bouquets of the season to enjoy and to carry me through winter.

An October 11th bouquet for my friend Joann next to an autumn gourd made by my cousin Janet.

Close up with the last of the dahlias (yellow) and baby’s breath and the purple scabiosas.

The other side of the bouquet, topped by monster straw flowers, which are still going strong, albeit more petite than in the summer.

Even in October, the miniature roses from Trader Joe’s were going crazy.

Bi-color miniature roses in bloom.

An October 14th bouquet with fabric pumpkins.

Lots of zinnias and my favorite scabiosa.

A vase full of African daisies,which are still producing in December.

An October 16th bouquet for Joann.

Zinnia close-up with yellow stars.

October 23rd bouquet for Joann.

I love this peachy-pink miniature rose in the middle of the bouquet.

Another miniature rose, this one cream colored, peeking out of the lip of the vase.

Hot pink and deep purple complement one another.

An abundant October 27th bouquet for Joann. Lots of zinnias and straw flowers.

Another view of the zinnias, spread out like colorful open umbrellas.

The Halloween – October 31st – bouquet!

Just one more zinnia close-up.

No, this zinnia close-up….

The first November bouquet, which looks like a splash of spring colors!

Those scabiosas and zinnias again.

The other side of the November 6th bouquet, with dianthus.

The dianthus is hanging in there still.

Another full bouquet, November 11th, for Joann.

A fall flower, the rudbeckia.herta, cherry brandy.

A close-up.

The other side of the November 11th bouquet.


Looking down on this bouquet – deep purples, pinks, blues, and oranges.

A Thanksgiving bouquet.

Thanksgiving bouquet, November 23rd, with white echinacea.

We hosted Thanksgiving this year. When my in-laws went home the next day, we gave them this bouquet.

Another close-up.

Thanksgiving 2017 comes to a close.

Well, it’s December 2nd, and we are hosting our annual birthday dinner for our friend Soizic. No bouquets to be had, but a platter of miniature bouquets will suffice nicely. This time with a holiday backdrop.

The lovely ruckbeckia hirta, cherry brandy and purple echinacea.

Another close-up with baby’s breath, miniature roses, straw flowers, dianthus, rudbeckia, scabiosa, yellow gaillardia, and helenium auturnale red shades.

And now our platter of miniature bouquets sits next to the beautiful birthday cake from Masse’s Pastries in the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley. A treasured tradition!

In the morning, the top view of the miniature bouquet. Until spring….